Camping Available Call 506-88443527 & 506-87293415

  • 10mins from Tamarindo Festivals

    Our camp is located 10 mins from La Senda, you will be very near to the electronic music parties, we have the perfect place to rest, cook, take a shower, listen to quiet downtempo, ambient, ethnic music and meditate in the middle of this natural sanctuary without neighbors.

  • Natural Reserve

    Our camp is considered a natural reserve by the goverment, this mean flora and fauna must be protected and never damaged in this place. We have the priviledge to see some wild animals like congos, rabbits, kusuco (armadillo), wild cats and also turtles by the river.

  • Cheap Price

    We offer very cheap price per day/person. For only 6 thousand colones (10$ aprox.) you can use our camping service which also includes cooking area, clean water, shower and nice music. Make sure to bring your tent and cooking recipients.

Our Team